Happy Tails Pet Resort


I looked for a long time for a doggy daycare that I could trust with my Golden Retriever Ginger, who has alot of energy. I am a very cautious doggy mom who had a lot of concerns about the safety of my dog in dog care. At first Ginger was nervous but after her 2nd or 3rd visit, she was soooo excited to go there. I trust them with her and the other dogs there and feel even more secure with the doggy cams so you can watch during the day. So many daycares have a ton of dogs and don't do a good job watching them. Not the case here. The staff is wonderful!!! Thank you! Ginger loves you guys! ~Linda of Severna Park, MD

Our puggle, Khloe has been to Happy Tails on several occasions and we can see a difference when she gets home. We know that she has had a great day of excerise, playing with the other dogs. It is so nice to be able to take your pet at any given time and be so welcomed by the staff there. The people there are so friendly. ~Maggie of Crownsville, MD

I had a serious emergency with my job in the Marine Corps and I had to leave the state quickly one weekend. Thankfully Happy Tails Pet Resort was there because otherwise I don't know what would have happened to my dog! The service was incredible and my dog was so happy I almost wanted to leave him there and never come back. A few workers I especially thought were amazing were JR, Tori, and Alex H. Alex in particular was one of the most helpful workers I've ever seen. Thank you Happy Tails! ~Anonymous of Odenton, MD

I just wanted to say that Happy Tails is really a GREAT place to have your dog take a little vacation from their (parents). My wife's first dog Bo would get very excited to go to Happy Tails before we had to put him down at 17 years old. Our new puppy has a lot more energy which she burns off at Happy Tails. As always we hate to leave her anywhere but we know she is in GREAT hands when we're gone. ~Mike and Joanne of Odenton, MD

I have been using Happy Tails for over 10 years. Every dog I have ever owned and left in their care has been well taken care of and loved. My little dog Cadbury gets so excited when I turn into their driveway entrance. She is treated like a princess while she is there. Sometimes when I pick her up, she doesn't want to leave !! I am very picky about who watches my baby when I travel (which is several times a year), and I highly recommend the team there. I have never had any problems and I will continue to use them in the future ;-) ~Julie of Severn, MD

Happy Tails is literally a Lifesaver! My high enery German Shepherd, Heidi has been coming to daycare since she was 6 months old and absolutely loves it. One night I let her out in the back yard not knowing the gate was left open. We both saw it at the same time and Heidi made a run for it toward a very busy street. I ran after her and she thought we were playing the "chase game" and would wait til I got close to run some more. I then yelled to her, "You wanna go to Happy Tails!!" and ran towards my car and she beat me there and sat next to the car door. At that point, I was able to grab her and save her from the busy traffic. Thank you so much for being a place that Heidi loves more than home! ~Jeannie of Odenton, MD

I first left Charlie, our 9 mo old Lab Retriever in December for daycare and then boarded him several times since. He really loves it there. He is always happy and well cared for and I feel comfortable when he is there. ~Gloria of Chestnut Hill Cove, MD

Happy Tails is a wonderful facility! We've used them over the course of 15 years to care for Rosie & Lucy, Beau & Schatzie and CJ before that. It's been exciting to see HT grow and expand their services over the years. We've never had to worry about our dogs in their care, knowing that our beloved family members were safe and lovingly tended. Happy Tails is the best! ~Penny of Severn, MD

My 2 weims have been coming to doggie daycare since puppyhood. Even though they are older now, 6 & 7 just still want to come play with their friends which is testament to the outstanding facility and staff.

The staff, Holly, JR, Fran and Alex are AWESOME. We have never had an issue and my dogs are well cared for at HappyTails!

Thanks for the loving care you provide. Every owner should leave their pet with HT. ~Heidi of Odenton, MD

We Love Happy Tails!! It is so hard to find a great Kennel in the area. We travel often and our Dogs are well taken care of and they love going to Happy Tails. They get to mingle with the other dogs and we can even watch them on the camera. I even called when we couldn't see them on the camera and they moved the camera to their bed!!

The staff is great and the Kennel's are clean and temprature controlled. I know that I can always count on Happy Tails when we travel.

Thank you Happy Tails!! ~Greg of Bowie, MD

Bungee has been coming to Happy Tails 7-1/2 years (Sept 2002)!! He loves to come to day care and play during the week & when he boards we know he is getting personal and loving care. Thanks HT!! ~Kathleen of Severn, MD

My pugs are so excited when we arrive at Happy Tails. Zeus and Snowball literally jump out of the car and we run into the lobby and they never look back. They have a great time and never tire of the friendly staff and super facilities. ~Shelley of Crofton, MD

We found this gem thirteen years ago when we moved to Crofton from Baltimore and got our first dog Cayman. Once we added a second dog (Dodger) who is a Catahoula Leopard that requires a lot of exercise, we appreciated Happy Tails more than ever. We use HT for play/boarding and have recommended them to friends that use them when they travel to board their two dogs. The prices are extremely reasonable (Baltimore charges twice as much for one day's visit) and the staff is great with the animals. Don't look any further - I have checked many out and they can't beat HT. ~Amy of Crofton, MD

We LOVE Happy Tails! Willow has been going to doggie daycare for about 6 months now. She loves it! As soon as we pull down the driveway she starts crying and can't wait to get to the door. I recommend it to anyone considering. Willow loves to play w/ her friends and it's such a great alternative to being stuck in her crate all day. ~Jennifer of Baltimore, MD

Happy Tails Pet Resort is a wonderful place! Our German Shorthaired Pointer, Lani, loves playing with her friends and being spoiled by the staff. It's also great watching Lani via the web cam. It makes my day to see her happy and safe! I would highly recommend Happy Tails to my friends and family. Holly and JR and the gang are always so helpful and friendly. Everyone works really hard to keep the kennel very clean and safe. Thank you Happy Tails! ~Paige of Odenton, MD

Holly is great there. She always responds quickly to my e-mails and I can tell she cares about making sure my dogs will be well-cared for and happy while there. The kennel is clean and bright and when I stopped by there before my dogs' first stay, they took plenty of time to show me around the kennel. Thanks! ~Susan of Annapolis, MD

Happy Tails Pet Resort is an extremely nice and always clean boarding facility. The location is very remote and surrounded by trees. Lucy loves the agility park! Thank you for everything Happy Tails!! ~Erin

Happy Tails Pet Resort is GREAT! I have boarded my husky and whippet 4 times this past year. I have been to many kennels in the past and this is by far the best. It is always clean (I walk my dogs back each time) and the staff is always friendly and patient. I call many times throughout the day to check and they never get annoyed. They do not cage the dogs, they are in oversized runs. My husky cracked a toe nail during her last stay and the manager took her to our vet... 45 minutes away. I highly recommend this kennel to everyone. Take a tour and ask questions. ~Lynda S. of Severna Park, MD

Great place!!! I have been using their boarding facilities for over 2 years, and take her to daycare on a weekly basis. I have never had a problem with customer service or questions regarding my bill. They are super friendly and the web cam options allows you to check on your pet throughout the day! ~Stephanie

I have been taking my dog, Henry to Happy Tails 2 or 3 times a week since I adopted him about 18 months ago. He LOVES it!! He gets very excited as we are pulling into the drive and he runs to the front door every morning. The staff is fabulous and treat Henry like he was their own. He gets to run and play instead of sleeping on the sofa when I have to be gone all day and I know that I am leaving him in the hands of very capable and friendly dog lovers. ~Maria D. of Pasadena, MD

Have been a long time customer, our boys are at home with JR and crew. Just want you guys to know we consider you the best choice in town. ~Anonymous